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Jina Life provides UNIQUE COACHING PROGRAMS that are literally AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE! By combining Personal Life Coaching, Relationship, Business and Executive Coaching techniques with Spiritual Healing & Insights we can tell YOU EXACTLY WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK from reaching your full potential in every area of your life, how to MAXIMISE YOUR RESULTS, get onto your RIGHT PATH, gain direction, REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS, obtain work/life balance, get that promotion or grow your business, love yourself and your life, GET HAPPY and ultimately feel peaceful and FULFILLED within... knowing that you are living your LIFE’S PURPOSE.

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Do you feel frustrated with certain things in your life and don’t know how to fix them?  Do the same things keep occurring and you’re beginning to notice negative patterns and cycles in your life? Are you lacking direction and are unsure of your next best step in positively moving forwards?  If you are feeling that life has to be better than it is and something is missing... that you’re stuck in a rut or you know there are big life changing decisions that you need to make, perhaps you may have been battling with overcoming the same problem/s in your life sometimes for years and years without success...

You've come to the right place! Sometimes we come to a point in our lives where we have achieved so much and appear to be successful on the outside but lack feeling good and fulfilled on the inside. That you’ve had enough of the pain, the frustrations and what life is dealing you... you have big dreams of yourself but something is holding you back...
If only you knew the solution to your biggest challenge/s, had help in facing your fears and discovering what your true passion and purpose is in life then you could fulfil it! You can do this with our personal Life Coaching Training and Spiritual Healing Guidance! You know if you don't hurry up, have some help to find it and take action you will only end up looking back with regrets on all the things you could have and should have done in your life when you had the chance to do them...

So what to do? People will often live in hope that their problems will just get better or go away on their own but alas they only get worse... the longer you put it off the harder it becomes.

Others will try many things to resolve their problems, often copy what other people with their problem are doing but if they haven't fixed it what will those same strategies likely do for you?

Sometimes these strategies work for a while or give hope of change but then soon enough the problem has returned or it never really went away in the first place!

So you go out looking for 'THE ANSWER' ~ Hence you're here! And this can often be sad and scary looking at your life and addressing the cold hard fact that with everything you have you're simply not happy...

That's where we can help you via our life coaching courses and spiritual healing programs so you're not alone with your problems anymore!
With only a few details from you we can reveal to you EXACTLY what the underlying CAUSES of your major life issues are and help you with life coaching training and support and spiritual guidance
to SOLVE them once and for all!
We can help you regain your passion for life and discover your true purpose that will help you feel fully fulfilled.

What we do at Jina Life is provide life coaching courses and spiritual healing to help put people back in the driver's seat of their own life and actually give them the exact directions and a clear step by step map on how to get to where they ultimately want to Go!

Simply take your first easy step with Jina Life Coaching and Spiritual Healing Geelong and simply enter your name and email on the right hand side of this page to receive our Free Life Coaching Resource Pack!

Jacqueline Pigdon is Australia’s No.1 Existentialist Life Coach. Existentialist means ‘I think therefore I am’. As an Existentialist Mindset enthusiast, you can be on your path to creating the life you want from your very own thoughts and perceptions and taking serious dedicated action towards achieving all your life goals and more!

The benefits of Jina Life Coaching Courses are:
  • Get clear on what is it is you really want in your life
  • Determine how to close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be
  • Dramatically increase your motivation and self confidence levels
  • Receive unique insights to yourself with spiritual healing guidance
  • Develop new empowering habits to follow forever
  • Achieve results much more rapidly than you would on your own
  • Make massive improvement in any of these areas and more – Relationships, Self-esteem, Transition & Change, Career, Business, Sport, Financial, Weight Loss, Health and Wellness
  • Be supported, encouraged and challenged by a life coach who is 100% committed to you and your goals!

“Jacqueline is fantastic to talk to as she makes you extremely comfortable even when she talks to you about the most confronting issues.” Janene Fulton - CEO - SecurITon. Melbourne, Australia

“I need to say that the Jina Life team have great insight on people's hearts and souls. Jacqueline is sensational in her unique style: extremely approachable, flexible, down to earth, direct and wise, just what I needed!”
SZ - Mental Health Manager / Personal & Professional Counsellor - Quebec, Cana heda.

“Jacqueline is a responsive and detailed focused person. She has outstanding people skills and is always professional. She has a natural ability to quickly build rapport and trust. I would not hesitate in recommending Jacqueline.”
Mark Landells, Account Executive, Data#3 Limited People Solutions, Melbourne Australia.

JINA Life Coaching and Spiritual Healing Melbourne aid people to take charge of their lives by unlocking their natural ability to perform. Your Jina Life Coach will help you to learn and increase awareness of the factors which determine your performance both at work and in your personal life, increase your sense of self-responsibility and take ownership and control of events in your life. Life Coaching and Spiritual healing Melbourne is a relationship that focuses on change, the future and achieving goals to help you live a more satisfying, successful and fulfilling life in all areas of your life.

We are headquartered in Geelong, but welcome and serve clients from Melbourne, all over Australia, and the world.

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